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Simón Lucuix Papers

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Simón Lucuix Papers


The University of Texas acquired the personal papers of Simón Lucuix along with his extensive Rio de la Plata Library in 1963.

Mr. Lucuix was born on May 23, 1896 near the city Fray Bentos in Uruguay and died in Montevideo on March 15, 1975. He was involved in politics in the early twentieth century, as he appeared as a candidate for the national assembly between 1916 and 1922 and collected many materials pertaining to Uruguayan politics from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Lucuix was a lecturer at a prestigious school, and joined the Instituto Histórico y Geográfico del Uruguay in 1925, where he was the director of Programs and Conferences in the 1940s and director of the Revista until the late 1950s.

Throughout his lifetime Lucuix amassed an enormous collection of books: 21,000 volumes which now reside at the Benson and the University of Texas libraries. They range in subject from art, science, politics, philosophy, and history, and are in Spanish, English, German, French, and Latin. His varied interests are reflected in his annotated book catalogs and receipts of book purchases-- he amassed a well-rounded library reflecting varied political views, subjects, and languages.


Simón Lucuix (1896-1975)






Uruguay--Politics and government
Uruguay--Politics and government--20th century
Uruguay--Politics and government--1810-
Book collecting.


Paper materials such as flyers, booklets, posters, notebooks, and photographs, digital assets such as .jpg images.


Simón Lucuix Papers, 1815-1967


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Uruguay, Brazil


The personal papers of Simón S. Lucuix, a Uruguayan educator and bibliophile active in the early to mid-twentieth century. The collection contains correspondence, writings by Lucuix and others, collected newspaper clippings and book excerpts, and book catalogs. The materials highlight Lucuix’s interest in a broad range of subjects and penchant for collecting books, as well as his academic and professional accomplishments.